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Dan Harmon Explains the Misconception of Laziness

"Everybody gets out of bed, even on a Saturday. You eventually want to dosomething. So, the best thing you can do for yourself… is find the thing that you really like to do, and try and figure out how to make that your job… truly, that is the only way I manage to stay productive—is by finding ways to get paid to do the things I would rather do.”

– Dan Harmon

because if laziness is the goal, you’ll find the most efficient way to do something!

Socrates’s ukase was “know thyself.” Though it may come as a surprise to some philosophers, self-knowledge requires more than intellectual self-examination. It demands knowing something about your feelings. In my experience philosophers are, in general, not the most emotionally attuned individuals. Many are prone to treat the ebb and flow of feelings as though our passions were nothing but impediments to reason. Freud, more than the sage of Athens, grasped the moral importance of emotional self-transparency. Like the Greek tragedians but in language that did not require an ear for poetry, he reminded us of how difficult it is to own kinship with a whole range of emotions.

Gordon Marino, NYT

#TZTKV updizzy!

Y’all. I did notttt forget about y’all. Okay, y’all? LOL

But seriously, there’s a million and a half things going on right now (basically trying to condense 4-5 weeks’ worth of work into… 11 days).

Wish me luck, and be patient!

I’ve got two vlogs waiting to be edited for you guys, so I HAVE been recording a bit! Just haven’t gotten a chance to sit and edit anything until today, so… yeah.

I don’t have any idea of when the vlog(s) will be uploaded/go live, but do know that I am doing everything I can to get them out to you guys!

That’s all I have to say for now. Oh, and sorry. I think. Haha.

In the meantime, guys… don’t forget to #SmileMore! 

I love you guys!

yo. im pissed off.
more like agitated.
but listen.

if you’re standing on a curb with other people, with intent to cross the street…
and you see a car <150ft away from you coming your way
to pass through the green light
when you SHOULD NOT be crossing

you INSTANTLY become the asshat by stepping onto the roadway
and arrogantly traipse across to the other side.
clearly, YOU are the asshat, because everyone else that you were with intelligently decided to WAIT for the car to pass by.
you ALSO make yourself a BIGGER asshat by getting an attitude and screaming at the driver of said car for honking their horn, or making “WTF” gestures, or giving you the death stare while you arrogantly make use of your “legal right”.
there’s a difference between knowing the law (“right of way” my arse) and having common sense. clearly this misrepresentation of a pedestrian had neither, and was no more than a cretin. a plebe. a dipstick. village idiot.

better to be pissed off than pissed on though.
good night.


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