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[17] THE SUCKY PART! (7.14.14)

Not sure why, but I had so much fun editing this vlog. Haha. 

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post-birthday rant #3.

"these young folk make me sick, actin’ like they don’t know how to have fun. when they get my age and have 17 bills to pay every month, then they’re gonna wish they DID go out." like uh, no, if you think about how the world works now and considering the direction its headed, OUR children are gonna have bills and crap, and will NEED jobs. its BEST to start early. honestly i wish i would’ve started working and saving up earlier too! shoot… but i’m grateful, and i know that greater is coming! #selah

post-birthday rant.

i can’t say that i was ever “about that life”, always going out to parties and stuff in high school, or even now, in college… and there’s nothing wrong with that! there’s nothing wrong with going out to parties either, really.

but it never fails to strike a bad chord with me when someone says, “you’re corny,” or, “you’re wack,” because i don’t really ever plan anything like that for my birthday(s), or at all.

i’m the type of guy to rather sit at home and think back and appreciate the big and the little things in life, and be grateful for all that can be accounted for… i’ve matured to this point very early in my life, and i’m proud that i did.

the sad part is that far too many people take those big and little things in life for granted, and are always looking for more, instead of appreciating what they have now.

luckily, i don’t have that problem. *pops collar*


[16] SUNDAY IN FLORIDA! (7.13.14)

So I might’ve skipped sharing vlog #15 with you guys……. 

Anyways. Here’s vlog #16 for ya! :P

Sunday’s vlog #16 featuring the lovely JalisaFaye is now live! Check it out! And check HER out, her links are in the video’s description!

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Love you guys!

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